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Latest family news

Kusin Evas något sena 25-årsparty

Mexico 07/08

Our fishing-trip in Bångnäs, Sweden in 2007
Our hiking-trip in northern Sweden in 2007
Our holiday trip to Italy and Switzerland in 2006
A day at Mantorp Park during STCC (Swedish Touring Car Championship)
The Spring 2006



Fine Melody A melody that Malcolm has composed and produced from "scratch" using a music program called "Dance eJay 7".(3.18 MB)

Short Family Films

Malcolm and his friends performing "My Heart Will Go On" at Ansgarskyrkan in 2007 (3 min 24 sek)
Carl performing "Temple of Love" by BWO at his school in 2006 (1 min 25 sek)
A film from our visit at Tomas and Annicas place outside Örnsköldsvik (1 min 26 sek)
Malcolm and Carl interviewed by Mormor and Morfar in 2004 (38 sek, 340 kB/s)


Short Other Films

Dancing bird Rock your body! (external link)
German coastguard Funny commercial (40 sek)